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    Aide Druide Combat


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    Aide Druide Combat

    Message par bioutifoulle le Lun 20 Déc - 9:19


    je débute depuis peu dans wow et je ne voudrais pas faire d'erreur.

    Pour ma tauren druide spécialisée combat j'aurai aimé savoir:

    - qu'est-ce que je dois looter de préfèrence? (Intel, agi, endu..)

    - après 2 dj (je suis niv 16) je m'aperçois qu'aggro ce n'est pas si simple que cela: je loupe des mobs et comme je ne peux pas re-aggro de suite c'est la m.. Y a t il une technique ou c'est juste le manque de pratique qui fait cela?

    Merci d'avance à celui ou celle qui prendra le temps de me répondre.

    En espérant rapidement pouvoir aider la guilde à HL..

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    Re: Aide Druide Combat

    Message par Geka le Lun 20 Déc - 14:29

    Salut Bioutifoulle !

    Je peux pas beaucoup t'aider mais regarde ici meme si les sorts cités dans cet article peuvent être obsolètes :

    Bon jeu Wink
    Maitre de Classe

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    Re: Aide Druide Combat

    Message par Hathul le Lun 20 Déc - 14:32

    Tes talents :

    Level 10-14: Ferocity 5/5

    Level 15-17: Thick Hide 3/3

    Level 18-19: Brutal Impact 2/2

    Level 20-22: Sharpened Claws 3/3


    Level 23: Feral Charge 1/1

    Level 24: Feral Swiftness 1/2

    Level 25-27: Predatory Strikes 3/3

    Level 28-29: Primal Fury 2/2

    En forme d ours :
    http://www.wowwiki.com/Maul [ca te donne l argro]

    Regarde ca:

    PullingEdit Pulling sectionEdit

    * First and foremost, Druids are a hybrid class and are not limited to what Bear Form can do. The use of the caster-form spells are an excellent choice for establishing initial threat. The use of damage spells helps establish threat on a single mob, and the use of heal-over-time spells helps establish threat on an entire group. It also gives your healer some downtime where she or he will not need to generate threat by healing.

    * In Bear Form, mobs can be safely pulled from the maximum range of [Faerie Fire (Feral)], which now does spell damage. If this is the method of choice to pull a group of mobs, [Demoralizing Roar] is a good next move as it will get the attention of the whole group as they run up to you, but beware its area of effect: it will aggro neutral mobs if present.

    * In situations where the pack of mobs you are about to pull contains both casters and melee and there is no way to take advantage of Line of Sight, it is often better to use [Feral Charge] and start [swiping] right away. Although this is not usually an issue, make sure not to pull nearby groups by getting too close to them.

    * Try pressing [Maul] before charging/engaging the enemy mob. That way, as soon as you are in range of the mob, you may Mangle/Swipe and not have to worry about Maul until after you've established your initial threat. This also reduces the amount of time your party must wait to begin attacking the current mob, as this method generates a lot of threat very quickly.

    * When you're going to start a fight with 0 Rage, and you have 5/5 [Furor] points, you can also use [Cat Form], [Feral Charge - Cat], [Bear Form]/[Dire Bear Form], and, (if you have [Ferocity]) [Maul]. This is even more effective with [Glyph of Maul], and has a much smaller cooldown than [Enrage], while leaving [Feral Charge - Bear] unused in case an enemy gets some range on you. It will consume a chunk of mana, though, so pay attention to your mana level if you're shapeshifting often. You also risk taking more damage or being stunned while as the slightly softer [Cat].

    Maintaining threatEdit Maintaining threat sectionEdit

    * Against single targets and bosses; [Mangle], should be used first and as soon as it is available. [Faerie Fire (Feral)] should take second priority, and [Lacerate] should be used to fill in the gaps between the two. [Maul] should also be used as often as rage permits, while leaving enough rage for the primary attacks. [Swipe] used to be known as a secondary attack and shouldn't be used on single targets, but as of 3.1 [Swipe] threat generation was increased significantly and is now used as part of a normal rotation. If, and only if, the mob or boss doesn't summon reinforcements or fear, [Berserk] can be used to increase damage output and therefore increase threat generation. Any off-tank, regardless of class, should watch threat so they do not pull aggro from the main tank.

    * Against multiple targets, the use of Swipe is highly recommended. Also of great use is the [Glyph of Maul], which allows your Maul attack to hit two targets instead of one; this will help boost your overall damage output and help to keep aggro on more than one mob. The effect of the glyph is not under your control and there is no way of telling which target it will hit. Berserk can also be used in the same way, hitting 3 targets for a large burst of damage; it has the same drawback as the Glyph of Maul.
    depuis : http://www.wowwiki.com/Druids_as_tanks

    Si tu comprends pas l anglais je peux faire une petite translation.


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    Re: Aide Druide Combat

    Message par bioutifoulle le Lun 20 Déc - 22:52

    Merci à tous les deux. Pour l'anglais, ça devrait aller mis à part les noms de sorts qui diffèrent de ceux du jeu français.

    Bon jeu.

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